Born and raised in Flanders Vegetable Valley in Belgium, the center of European production of frozen vegetables, the passion for food processing was given to me from childhood. After graduating as an electro-mechanical engineer with a bachelor degree, I made my career working with the world leader in vegetable processing solutions, Constructie BRUYNOOGHE NV, situated right in the heart of Flanders Vegetable Valley.
During those 20 years, I worked side-by-side with customers, learning from their ideas and expectations on food processing machinery. I brought those ideas to life, starting from the drawing board, over manufacturing and installation, until the start-up and commissioning of the machine lines.
That period of close collaboration with customers and manufacturers over the entire process line, made me realize that the end-users spent too much time communicating with all the different subcontractors. More and more they expressed the need for one main contractor that makes life easier for all parties involved.
Eager and ambitious to grasp this opportunity, I decided to start my own business in 2015. My business combines multiple disciplines that result in a complete processing line, or parts of it. With expert knowledge and good communication, I deliver the best possible solution for the end-user.
My main partners are the following :

BRUYNOOGHE : a Belgian manufacturer of processing lines for frozen and canned vegetables, rice and pasta     

- LAGARDE AUTOCLAVES : a French manufacturer of retorts for pasteurisation/sterilisation of all kinds of food and pharmaceutical objects 

VISAR - SORTING : a Swiss manufacturer of camera sorting and grading equipment for fresh carrots and potatoes.

GERNAL : a Belgian manufacturer of equipment for the preparation of ready meals, with a full range of cooking & cooling lines and frying & baking machines. There is also a range of pasteurisation and sterilisation ovens to finish the packing.

- TONG ENGINEERING : a U.K. based manufacturer of processing lines for fresh Brassica, potatoes & onions.

- DOSANOVA : a Belgian manufacturer of innovative cleaning systems for industrial food producers
All of them are world leaders and best of the class. They continuously invest in innovation and progress and all think out-of-the-box to work out custom-made solutions for industrial customers worldwide.
Thanks to my Belgian roots, I am skilled in communicating in different languages, being Dutch, French, English and German. Thanks to my technical background, I am also skilled in computer programs for electronic drawing in 2D and all my partners can deliver 3D layouts.
Since the 23rd of January 2019, Food Process Machinery PTY LTD is based in Coffs Harbour Australia. If you have need of a main contractor for your food processing machinery, I sincerely hope to be of service to the Australian and American market. Don’t hesitate to contact me.